Safety Training

Environmental Outsource Inc. Makes Safety Training Easy and Cost-Effective

One of the most important considerations for any workplace, be it an office or an ore refinery, is workers’ safety. Achieving regulatory compliance in this area often requires safety training, which is what Environmental Outsource Inc. specializes in.

This training has several advantages for companies of all kinds. Aside from being able to avoid the legal issues of liability and compensation, workers who know that they are doing their jobs in a secure environment have a higher level of morale and perform more readily to the best of their abilities. To give employees this assurance, the OSHA and other government agencies require companies to adhere to certain rulings or standards pertaining to their individual industries.

Our safety training courses range from ergonomics to electrical safety and even explosives handling. Companies can consult with us as to what OSHA safety training courses they need for their own industries, and how detailed they need these courses to be. We plan our training times around our clients’ schedules, with classes being held either on-site or via full certification online courses. This ensures that work disruptions are kept to a minimum, and productivity is constant.

Environmental Outsource’s safety training courses and methodology have proven effective for such important and diverse clients as Disney, Liz Claiborne, ViewSonic Corporation, the LA Department of Public Works, and the LA Department of Water and Power, among many others. If our meticulously planned OSHA safety training systems worked for them, then they will work for practically any company in any industry.

But why take our word for it? Visit our website or call 323-728-4492 and see for yourself what Environmental Outsource can offer you in terms of safety training. Interested parties can even view online course demos for evaluation purposes. With Environmental Outsource, safety becomes second nature.

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