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Environmental Outsource, Inc. was founded by Andy Coyne and Rob Reed with the objective of helping organizations comply with the environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues that can be overwhelming as well as very costly.

Environmental Outsource, Inc. is a complete forklift safety training outsourcing solution for your EHS needs for all types of industries. From safety training and forklift certification to complete hazardous waste management, our services allow your company to achieve and maintain full compliance with regulatory agencies while saving money.

Andy Coyne

Andy Coyne began working in the environmental industry after graduating from Williams College in 1989. He has spent the majority of his career working for hazardous waste management companies in southern California and has responded to several major spills within California. The largest emergency response cleanup that Andy worked on was the American Trader Oil Spill in February 1990. Andy has certified now over 25,000 personnel in environmental, health and safety classes.

Rob Reed

Rob Reed started his environmental career in 1983 performing asbestos abatement in the heating and air conditioning business. In 1988, Rob expanded his knowledge of hazardous waste while working for a Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) and is a certified hazardous waste practitioner. Rob then took his experience and became Operations Manager and Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for a hazardous waste transportation and emergency response company before founding Environmental Outsource, Inc. with Andy Coyne. Rob has been a California licensed contractor since 1989 and has certified now over 30,000 personnel, health and safety classes.

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