OSHA Requirements for Forklift Training School

OSHA has outlined several requirements for forklift training school, and specialized companies are kept current to ensure that their client businesses stay compliant in their training. Requirements include the fact that employees must be trained onsite with the equipment they will be using on the job.

Other requirements include that the training must include a classroom portion and hands-on portion. Most companies that provide this service will include all required portions of training for your employees.

Hands-on training includes learning to operate the specified machines to be used at work. Classroom training involves machine education and inspections, safe operating procedures and a written exam to test knowledge.

It’s important to ensure your employees are trained properly to OSHA’s specifications to reduce hazards and increase safety in the workplace. Many businesses will outsource their forklift training school to lower labor costs and operating expenses, as well as increase safety levels by implementing proper education and measures.

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