Forklift Training Prevents Accidents

Operating a forklift doesn't require a driver's license but it does require some training. OSHA requires that all forklift operators take part in forklift training. Forklift training not only helps keep your company compliant but also prevents accidents and reduces injuries and worker's compensation cases. A qualified safety instruction company should do training. The best training consists of two parts that include classroom instruction and hands-on instruction. The training can be done at your location making it easy for you to schedule attendance. The first portion of the training is in the classroom and consists of teaching employees the engineering principles that make for safe forklift operation as well as operator responsibilities and rules. After passing a short written test the employees will participate in the hands-on portion of the training. This allows employees to practice what they learned while being guided by the instructor. Training employees for proper forklift operations will make a much safer work environment for all employees.

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