Forklift Training Santa Monica CA

A career driving a forklift can allow a person to have a job that is fun and make a wage that they can live on. Forklift drivers make decent money and they are able to find full-time employment with benefits. A person cannot just show up at a company and think they are qualified to drive a forklift. They need to attend a Forklift training in Santa Monica to get the skills they need to be successful. They will get training that is OSHA compliant and will learn how to be safe on the job.

Forklift Instruction

There is a classroom component to learning about how a forklift operates. There are a number of schools in Santa Monica that offer training programs. There are both day and evening classes so a person can continue to work while they learn a new skill. The classroom training can be completed in less than 10 hours. A student will learn about the different parts of the forklift and they will learn all about safety when driving. A student will learn about the regulations and the different classifications of forklifts. They will also go over the responsibility of the person operating the forklift.

Written Exam

Once the training is complete a forklift student will need to take a written exam on the information they have learned. They will need to get a passing score on the exam and demonstrate knowledge of how a forklift works and how to operate it to move onto the next phase of the training.


Once a person passes the written portion of the course they will work with an instructor to operate the forklift. The student will get hands-on experience and they will perform a number of training exercises. The instructor will give advice on how to run the forklift. The student will learn all of the controls and they will learn how to move boxes and pallets under supervision as well.

Performance Evaluation

When the student has met specific program requirements they will have their driving performance evaluated. They will need to complete a series of driving and moving instructions that were given to them by the instructor. The instructor will watch the student and make sure their performance is satisfactory and safe. This will allow the instructor to know that a person will be safe operating a forklift and they know how to drive it properly.


Upon completing the course requirements and meeting the qualifications of a forklift training in Santa Monica a person will get their operators license and a certification of completion. They will then be able to get a job driving a forklift.

When a person is looking for a forklift training school in Santa Monica, they should research Environmental Outsource Inc. This is one of the leading training companies to help a person learn how to drive a forklift and meet all OSHA requirements. The certified instructors will make sure that a student knows their information and has plenty of hands-on training so they can begin a career driving a forklift.

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