What is Forklift Driver Training?

Forklift driver training requires learning to move pallets that are stacked with freight and cargo. Typically, forklift driver training teaches drivers to manipulate these pallets between storage areas like warehouses and loading docks. In addition to having the knowledge of driving different types of fork lifts drivers are also responsible for keeping track of inventory that they store. Forklift drivers are a necessary part of the distribution process. They keep lines of production supplied and stocked with merchandise. Forklift drivers are required to be knowledgeable and familiar with all types of fork lift equipment. Drivers should learn how to operate sit-down fork lifts, cherry pickers, clamps, electric pallet jacks, stand-up fork lifts, reach trucks, and squeeze clamps. A forklift driver should have good mechanical skills as fork lift drivers are usually asked to maintain their own equipment while working.

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