Environmental Training

Keeping Companies Safe and Productive with the Best Environmental Training Available

The OSHA, as well as international industrial certification boards, point to environmental safety and responsibility as major factors in getting a desirable facility rating. A clean, environmentally aware workplace makes for a more attractive and productive working environment, and thus environmental health and safety training becomes important in an industrial and/or commercial facility’s day-to-day operations.

The environmental training courses and modules we at Environmental Outsource Inc. offer have the distinct advantage of being both comprehensive and fully customizable to our clients’ schedule and needs. These points help save our clients valuable time and resources.

We can provide environmental health and safety training modules on both general topics such as DOT HAZMAT awareness and industrial hygiene all the way to complex and specialized topics like OHSAS 18001 compliance and ionizing/non-ionizing radiation safety. ISO certification courses are also available, as are courses for forklift and heavy machinery operation, maintenance, and safety.

Environmental training programs can be customized to fit our clients’ specific needs perfectly. Environmental Outsource knows full well how much time and effort a poorly timed training program can take, so we work with our clients from the onset to help them determine what they need, when they need it, and how they want it. Our clients can select the topics, levels of detail, and lengths of time their courses will involve. We are always open to work around our clients’ schedules, and our trainers will happily conduct the training in their facilities so as not to take their employees away from their everyday operations.

Maintaining a healthy working environment is practically equivalent to keeping productivity and office morale up. Let us help you maximize your workspace and workforce, while remaining compliant with government regulations. Environmental Outsource specializes in industrial safety training, so you can reap its many rewards.

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